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1. Having great weight: "The new metal ... was denser, more ponderous than gold" (Oliver Sacks).
a. Slow and labored because of great bulk or weight: "The massive turtle ... trudged on resolutely, making good time for such a labored and ponderous gait" (Rick Bass).
b. Difficult to maneuver or control because of great bulk or weight: ponderous luggage.
c. Slow or difficult to manage, especially because of complexity: ponderous legal procedures.
3. Dull and lacking grace or fluency: a ponderous speech. See Synonyms at heavy.

[Middle English, from Old French pondereux, from Latin ponderōsus, from pondus, ponder-, weight; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]

pon′der·ous·ly adv.
pon′der·ous·ness, pon′der·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.ponderousness - an oppressive quality that is laborious and solemn and lacks grace or fluency; "a book so serious that it sometimes subsided into ponderousness"; "his lectures tend to heaviness and repetition"
uninterestingness - inability to capture or hold one's interest
2.ponderousness - the property of being large in mass
heaviness, weightiness - the property of being comparatively great in weight; "the heaviness of lead"


The state or quality of being physically heavy:
Informal: avoirdupois.


nSchwerfälligkeit f; (= heaviness)Schwere f, → Gewichtigkeit f
References in classic literature ?
One of the most learned of the group was George Chapman, whose verse has a Jonsonian solidity not unaccompanied with Jonsonian ponderousness.
Yet Benitez - wary of the club's ponderousness in the past - is not prepared to weaken his hand by selling one player before another deal is in the bag.
Under the overwhelming weight of its ponderousness, despair creates its own moral dimension.
And it's the laughs in Flood City--Reisman is willing to call the finished play "a clown show of nonstop shtick"--that may surprise audiences expecting ponderousness or lamentation.
The occasional self-reflexive gestures in these poems are clever, fun, and avoid ponderousness.
Bowie's version has a ponderousness about it, with Bowie playing up the otherworldliness of his '70s persona.
Rarely does a pedagogical practice rooted in a deeply ethical consciousness produce such incandescent work--and if said practice primarily concerns "madness," the architectonics of confinement, and structural film, its lack of ponderousness is all the more remarkable.
current model makes do with six--also should boost mileage and eliminate the ponderousness that mars the 2013 Sport, even when propelled by Range Rover's terrific 510-horsepower supercharged engine.
Also featuring small turns from Honor Blackman and Eddie Marsan, here's a film whose ponderousness shouldn't be mistaken for depth.
Also featuring small turns from Honor Blackman, Eddie Marsan and Hayley Atwell, here's a film whose ponderousness shouldn't be mistaken for depth.
Much of that ponderousness is to do with safety--new products are subjected to months or even years of deliberation and testing before they get anywhere near the network.
Richard Gaunt puts Peel's character at the centre of his investigation and emphasises his self-control, arrogance, social insecurity among fellow Tories, desire for lasting fame, political skills, lack of a sense of humour, ponderousness, gifts as an administrator and dogged determination.