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1. Any of various apes of the subfamily Ponginae, which includes only the orangutans and their extinct relatives.
2. Any of various apes of the formerly recognized family Pongidae, which included the chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. No longer in scientific use.

[From New Latin Pongidae, former family name, from Pongo, type genus, from obsolete French pongo, great ape of Africa, of Bantu origin; akin to western dialectal Kongo mpungu, gorilla.]
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(ˈpɒŋɡɪd; ˈpɒndʒɪd)
(Animals) any primate of the family Pongidae, which includes the gibbons and the great apes
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the family Pongidae
[from New Latin Pongo type genus, from Kongo mpongi ape]
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(ˈpɒn dʒɪd)

any anthropoid ape of the family Pongidae, usu. comprising the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan.
[1950–55; < New Latin Pongidae=Pong(o) the type genus (said to be < Kongo mpongi, mpungu ape) + -idae -id2]
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Noun1.pongid - any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidaepongid - any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidae
anthropoid ape - any tailless ape of the families Pongidae and Hylobatidae
family Pongidae, Pongidae - usually considered as comprising orangutans; gorillas; chimpanzees; and sometimes gibbons
orang, orangutan, orangutang, Pongo pygmaeus - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits
gorilla, Gorilla gorilla - largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa
chimp, chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes - intelligent somewhat arboreal ape of equatorial African forests
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INTRODUCTION: In the family Hominids, the hand evolved with a combination of human and pongid characters.
The gestures of a gorilla: Language acquisition in another pongid, Brain and Language, 71-97.
The pongid clade and the hominoid clade were thought to be descended, respectively, from the two extinct ape species Dryopithecus and Ramapithecus.