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Plural of pons.
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"Before the games he has normal behaviour," said Leonel Pontes, who first coached Moutinho in Sporting's academy.
Also, Paula Pontes will re-join the company in the role of senior vice president/global general manager, GLAMGLOW, effective 1 November 2016, reporting directly to DiNardo.
Thomson still hopes to challenge for Durham League honours this season and new season Alvaro Pontes was named MVP as they opened their National League campaign with an 86-80 win over Newcastle Eagles II at Tyne Met College.
The Atlantic Forest of Serra do Mendanha, which is included in the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Mesquita and Nova Iguacu, in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil (Figure 1), is approximately 8,500 ha in area, and is one of the world's largest forest remnants located within the limits of a large city (Pontes, 2005; Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, 2000; Rocha et al.
She became furious when videographer Fred Pontes tried to film her.