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1. Relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for a pontiff.
2. Pompously dogmatic or self-important; pretentious.
1. pontificals The vestments and insignia of a bishop.
2. A book of forms for ceremonies performed by a bishop.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin pontificālis, of a pontifex, from pontifex, pontific-, pontifex; see pontifex.]

pon·tif′i·cal·ly adv.


adv (fig)päpstlich
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The image of Our Lady of Light of Cainta was pontifically crowned Dec.
She would descend on us, over a puzzle or games, to announce pontifically, "If you will come to my room at three o'clock, I should like to read to you." And we appeared dutifully, were read to and dismissed, after a time, meek and quiet.
(5.) These statistics are compiled by the pontifically approved
He asks Buckingham, "Is it upon record, or else reported/Successively from age to age, he [Julius Caesar] built it?"(3.1.72-73), and goes on to observe pontifically: