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 (pŏn-tĭf′ĭ-kĭt, -kāt′)
The office or term of office of a pontiff.
intr.v. (-kāt′) pon·tif·i·cat·ed, pon·tif·i·cat·ing, pon·tif·i·cates
1. To express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way.
2. To administer the office of a pontiff.

[Latin pontificātus, from pontifex, pontific-, pontifex; see pontifex. V., from Medieval Latin pontificāre, pontificāt-, to act as an ecclesiastic, from Latin pontifex.]

pon·tif′i·ca′tion n.
pon·tif′i·ca′tor n.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) ecclesiast the role of a priest or pope
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It has seen Pakistan survive earthquakes, floods, social traumas, the murder of its leadership and the massacre of its schoolchildren, political upheavals, dismissal of elected prime ministers, self-satisfied pontification by ousted leaders, and now the souffle aspirations of a sportsman-turned-politician who might soon announce his third marriage.
The people are fed up with pontification and they want electricity.
So, without further pontification, and to take part in the 10-fueled fun, I give you .
But what struck me, as I wandered among my musically-minded virtual friends, was the complete absence of angry pontification and polemic.
We've seen it grab national headlines and spawn monthslong debate, analysis and no end of political pontification.
Rowling, the character novelist of the Harry Potter series and her pontification on the Palestinian-Israeli intractable.
The NC spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu also joined Abdullah in taking jibe at Hussain and tweeted, " Will miss @ Ibnebattuta's slander, pontification and name- calling.
She listened and replied without prevarication and pontification.
Much of their travels, especially those of David and Liora, revolve around philosophical pontification and religious diatribes.
He emanated an aura of wisdom to the point of pontification.
As fans we no longer want to hear any more pontification from politicians, empty words from owners or statements from self-appointed fans' representatives.