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He rode across one of the swaying pontoon bridges to the farther side, turned sharply to the left, and galloped in the direction of Kovno, preceded by enraptured, mounted chasseurs of the Guard who, breathless with delight, galloped ahead to clear a path for him through the troops.
In the time of the Empire he was incorporated in the Pontoon Troop of the Guard, and was constantly on active service in Germany, lastly the poor fellow made the Russian campaign."
It enlarges rapidly from a postage-stamp to a playing-card; to a punt and last a pontoon. The two clerks, its crew, do not even look up as it comes into place.
No quarter is to be given to the English, on account of their cruelty to our braves on board the infamous pontoons. Look here, here it is in black and white.
The police also arrested a pontoon manager and a worker over the pollution.
Stratview Research report on Global Pontoon Boat Market highlights the benefits of the Pontoon Boats along with the market growth and future predictions.
Now complaints have been made about a pontoon which has since appeared on the water with a bench stuck on the top.
Pleasure boats have already been seen using the pontoon which aims to make the Forth a key feature of the city for the first time since the 1940s.
At the same time, a mass of drift wood got stuck between the helm and the propeller, which only complicated the work of about 20 firefighters who tried to stop the pontoon.
The remaining 4km of trench will be dredged by the new Stan Pontoon 4512, supported by the new Stan Tug 1606 (named Murjan 22) and the new Shoalbuster 2509 (named Murjan 41).
The Pontoon Dock scheme is a 236 home, Private Rented Sector, build-to-rent scheme being developed by Linkcity in Pontoon Dock, London, procured through the Greater London Authority's London Development Panel.
25 July 2017 - A joint venture of UK-based residential landlord Grainger plc (LSE: GRI) and the Local Pensions Partnership has acquired PRS build-to-rent development in Pontoon Dock, London, Grainger said.