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A gathering of hair that is fastened close to the head so that the hair hangs down like a pony's tail.

po′ny·tailed′ adj.
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having a ponytail
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Rain bounced in front of the ponytailed driver, whose coach with its load of strangers was to roll on for 27 hours from Turin to Grenoble, Paris, the Calais/Dover rail shuttle and then to London.
The ponytailed big man maintained the kick was "accidental" after he and Abueva were entangled.
Stewart Kean was the hero of the hour as he fired home a memorable winner in front of a packed Saints support behind the goal, adding another kick down below for the ponytailed Pinilla.
The ponytailed German told him to wait there, took his tee shot and then went across, signed it, had a quick chat and went on his way.
Digital and disc Monday Nasty, nihilistic and nightmarish, this dark, harrowing and brutal thriller sees three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix as a ponytailed anti-hero searching for the missing teenage daughter of a US senator.
The ponytailed 36-year-old could capture the attention of the world's entertainment capital in a way that even David Beckham couldn't manage.
The Walk The Line star is Joe, a bearded and ponytailed anti-hero offered $50,000 for successfully closing the case, which includes a stipulation to hurt the people responsible.
The ponytailed ex-Eurovision contestant got three yeses for his wild, hair-flicking audition.
The handsome ponytailed noble is quick to offer her support, comfort and unconditional love.
7WHO PONYTAILED tough guy Steven Seagal once broke Sean Connery's wrist teaching him martial arts moves on the film Never Say Never Again.
For 50 minutes the bobbing heads - most either bald, ponytailed or mulleted - mouthed along or sang to the likes of Pseudo Silk Kimono, Fish's voice may not be able to hit the higher notes any more, but that didn't matter.