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A scoop for picking up and removing the feces of a dog or other pet.

[From poop + scoop.]


a device used to remove dogs' excrement from public areas
[C20: poop4 + -er1 + scooper]


(ˈpu pərˌsku pər)

a scoop used to pick up the feces of a dog or other pet from a street or sidewalk.


[ˈpuːpəˌskuːpəʳ] poop-scoop [ˈpuːpskuːp] Ncaca-can m
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Paul was on hand with a pooper-scooper on the red carpet when the Queen visited Battersea Dogs and Cats Home earlier this year.
I wouldn't like to speculate on what a horse pooper-scooper would look like, but that is not my problem.
What," responded the pooper-scooper, "and give up show business?
Professional pet-sitting services often offer dog walking, care of special needs pets, pet transportation services and pooper-scooper services, in addition to basic pet care.
She added: "Owners have to remember dog fouling in a public area carries a fine and they must carry a pooper-scooper or a plastic bag.
Junior and I were out when we spotted a wee spaniel poised to deposit with the owner lurking nearby, pooper-scooper at the ready.
I'd send her one that read, "pickle, fork, antibiotic, holly bush, gardening, jello, organic," and she'd send me one that read, "Jesus, Thai food, pooper-scooper, podiatrist, Mississippi.
It looked as if dog-walkers could buy a whole roll of them and tear one off whenever they used their pooper-scooper, and put it in the special bin provided, with the message in Welsh as well as English: "Baw cwn yn unig.
For the most part, the job involves mundane matters such as recycling and pooper-scooper rules for pets.
Mike has a 100% disability rating and is not able to earn money, but he can volunteer--as chief pooper-scooper, if nothing else.
The campaign will urge pledgers to pick one of 10 environment-themed New Year's resolutions, including shopping with re-usable bags, carrying a pooper-scooper when dog walking and keeping the area outside their home tidy.
EARLY arrivals for this evening's meeting at Bath should not be surprised to spot clerk of the course Emma Marley inspecting the track with a going meter in one hand and a pooper-scooper in the other.