poor devil

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Noun1.poor devil - someone you feel sorry forpoor devil - someone you feel sorry for    
victim - an unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance
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"Well, sir, I was educated at home by a poor devil of an abbe, who disappeared suddenly.
The poor devil went down like a felled ox, and rolled in the dirt among the furiously excited dogs.
"Poor devil!" said the colonel, coughing tremendously.
poor devil eagle--[Afterwards presented to the Central Park.]--from
Well, good luck to him, poor devil! He was perfectly stunning."
"Poor devil!" said Lydgate, smiling and pinching his wife's ears.
Of this wine, the first bottle being a little thick at the bottom, Brisemont poured the lees into a glass, and D'Artagnan desired him to drink it, for the poor devil had not yet recovered his strength.
Harris cast a wistful look towards the manhole, not in cowardice, I fancy, but in sudden longing for the sea, the longing of a poor devil of a sailor-man doomed to die ashore.
He was prompt to take up any poor devil's quarrel and risk his neck to right him.
It flew true as an arrow and piercing the poor devil's heart laid him dead upon the arena.
Oh, boys, be good to a poor devil that's being hunted day and night, and dasn't show his face!
"Poor devil!" said the ape-man, as he swung back into his saddle.