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(The poor man's orchid, Schizanthus, grown as an annual, caught many an eye.) And, seeming to loom over the whole of the garden, is that very ancient sycamore, thought to be about 350 years old.
In his silent film Untitled (Beautiful Place), 1998, Paul Sietsema observes eight different plants for two minutes apiece: a starry pink poor man's orchid; a purple passionflower; a succulent in a rocky, arid zone; a forest dainty caught darkly among pine needles; a verdant hedge thick with elongated leaves; a chic attenuation of paper whites; a houseplant, common, overlooked; and, finally, perhaps in the solar role of illumination, Gerber daisies.
The patio is packed with those they've collected over the years - yuccas, fuchsia, clematis, lobelia, sedum, alchemilla, schizostylis, montbretia and pyracantha - as well as cheerful annuals like nasturtium, impatiens, annual dianthus, double petunias, the Poor Man's Orchid (Schizanthus) and godetia.