poor speller

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Noun1.poor speller - someone who spells words
writer - a person who is able to write and has written something
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Weaknesses to avoid sharing include personal frustrations such as being a poor speller, needing to learn a language, or working too hard.
She's renowned for her precise, exquisite prose, but new research shows Jane Austen was a poor speller and erratic grammarian who got a big helping hand from her editor.
Another student, Tom, was a poor speller whose teacher called him addle-brained and complained that he asked too many questions.
Even those closet poor spellers (very few admit openly to being a poor speller) believe that the weekly test is the best teaching method.
VOWEL PLAY: Poor speller Tara P-T and Chris Tarrant
I was terribly embarrassed by them, only because I was a very poor speller.
TONY Blair simply appears to be a poor speller of the word tomorrow.
He might not be in line to win awards for charming hacks, but Lee is front runner for poor speller of the year, judging from his press release.
Lewinsky was said to be a poor speller who was not computer literate.
Poor spellers tend to retain their status as poor spellers over time
Critically, the results suggest that the students who performed poorly in the NAPLAN spelling retained their status as poor spellers up to 18 months later, as measured by the CoST, and that gender was not an influential factor.