poor mouth

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poor mouth

unjustified complaining, esp to excite sympathy: she always has the poor mouth .
vb (tr)
informal to speak of disparagingly; decry

poor′ mouth`

a plea or complaint of poverty, often as an excuse for not contributing to charities, paying bills, etc.



v. (-maʊθt, -maʊðd)
Informal. v.i.
1. to plead or complain of poverty.
2. to disparage; bad-mouth.
[1965–70; Amer.]
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Reed isn't poor-mouthing his program these days either.
Which is all the more reason voters should ignore city leaders' poor-mouthing and scare-mongering -- and vote no on Measure S.
The domestic steel industry hovers always, in its own poor-mouthing estimations, on the abyss of economic doom.
Bill Clinton, to his credit, found a way to capitalize on his up-by-his-bootstraps personal history without resorting to poor-mouthing his home state.
It's amazing to me how one moment they can be talking about their record results and the next moment they can be poor-mouthing about how they're going to go bankrupt,'' von Lohmann said.
After months of poor-mouthing, Los Angeles County supervisors suddenly found a $309 million surplus that they decided Tuesday to spend mostly on employee pay raises and fixing up county buildings.
Whether the head-shaking nostalgia surrounding Southland is genuine or just poor-mouthing in the best state-regulated business tradition, Baldwin can point to some concrete numbers to back his case.