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also pu·ri (po͝or′ē)
n. pl. poo·ris also pu·ris
A light unleavened wheat bread of South Asia, usually fried in deep fat.

[Hindi pūrī, from Sanskrit pūraḥ, cake; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Cookery) Indian cookery an unleavened Indian bread or cake
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You can also have kulcha matar/channa instead of bhatura or poori. Idli, upma, pav bhaji, wheat tortillas, kathi rolls, wheat burger etc.
Begum Mehnaz Rafi, NPT Saudi Arabia President Masood Ahmed Poori, Begum Khalida Jamil and others.
We have been drying these discarded roti s, poori s and rice and packing them into sacks that we will carry back to our village after the Sangam".
Sheer Khurma, the traditional sweet dish, was the treat alongwith the all time favourite deep fried paratha - omelet, poori - kabab, aalo-cholay, milk-shake and so-forth.
Addressing a rally in tribal-dominated Udaipur region, he said instead of "dhi roti khayenge Congress ko jitayenge (Will eat half a roti and vote for the Congress) the new war cry should be, "Poori roti khayenge, 100 din km karenge, dawaiee lenge aur Congress ko jitayenge" (Eat full roti, work for 100 days, receive free medicines and vote for Congress).
Complementing film director Poori Jagannath for the movie, Bachchan said that it had been made in a very systematic and disciplined manner.
The eatables that are sold include Samosa, Poori, Kajoor,Jalebi and other food items.
" I love eating curries with poori s," she confessed.
In case one has to eat out, eat deep-fried foods such as samosa, tikki, poori etc as there remains very less chances of harmful bacteria.
"So, in the winters we protect the deities by putting heaters nearby, offering prasad (holy offering) made of moong (a kind of pulse considered good for beating cold), and other hot food items like halwa, poori (fried savouries) etc," added Das.
You know it the moment you order their nofuss Chholar Dal (a must at wedding feasts made with split Bengal grams) with loochi s ( poori s made with maida ).