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also pu·ri (po͝or′ē)
n. pl. poo·ris also pu·ris
A light unleavened wheat bread of South Asia, usually fried in deep fat.

[Hindi pūrī, from Sanskrit pūraḥ, cake; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) Indian cookery an unleavened Indian bread or cake
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Sheer Khurma, the traditional sweet dish, was the treat alongwith the all time favourite deep fried paratha - omelet, poori - kabab, aalo-cholay, milk-shake and so-forth.
Adhoori Kulliyat, Poori Shairi moderated by Kishwar Naheed.
What if people can't sleep at night due to the noise of the generators, elderly people can't walk in the morning and children can't play because the park is flooded with rotting chholey, poori, rice and plates?
Badai Aaloo is the same as poori and aaloo ki subzi that North India is famous for.
Curried chickpeas (chana) were served with the deep-fried flatbread we called poori (yes, deep-fried bread - yet another reason we Punjabis settled so seamlessly in Scotland.
MTR, an anagram for Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, which has its origins in Bengaluru, India, serves glorious South Indian vegetarian food -- delicious vada (savoury snack) and idly sambar, poori sagu, bisibelle bath (lentil rice), chow chow bath, lunch and dinner platters and a variety of dosas, which by far are the restaurant's unique selling point.
As per Starwood, the newest addition to the Starwood Personalized Travel program will offer a variety of simple, yet meaningful touches that matter most to the Indian guest including in-room amenities such as slippers and tea kettles, popular beverages such as masala tea and favorite breakfast items like Dosa, Poori and Paratha.
Indian familiar foods to be incorporated on menus include masala tea, breakfast items like Dosa, Poori and Paratha, and eggs made to order at the breakfast buffet.
A contract to supply halwa, poori and channa has been awarded to a well-known Pakistani restaurant in town who will prepare all items at the venue and will be distributed at the end of the show," said a PSC official.
Imperious Indian chefs intimidate assistants who fail to master challenging bread-baking skills, as portrayed in new film: The Glower and the Poori.
The recipes range from such exotic dishes as Poori (from India); Ajvar (Turkish); and Donuts in Syrup (Lebanese) to such substantial fare as Stuffed Peppers (Arabian); Eggplant and Chickpeas (North African); and Grilled Vegetables in Oil (Mediterranean).