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Never mind your being poorish as yet; there's money in your head-piece as there's money i' the sown field, but it must ha' time.
Macerinus, a diminutive, means leanish, poorish, out of case.
There may be a poorish few not wrong, savin' where they make out the people too good, for there be folk that do think a balm-bowl be like the sea, if only it be their own.
I never did like the story, a little bit ashamed, I 'm afraid; but when we talked it over last night, it struck me in a new light, and I understood why father took the failure so well, and seems so contented with this poorish place.
But the old woman plucked up heart again, for she was so thoroughly shriveled and wrinkled that she thought they would think her a poorish sort of diet.
It kept all our bowlers fresh and we came back a lot harder after a poorish start.
It kept all our bowlers fresh and we came back a lot harder later on after a poorish start.
In the second half the lads used the ball well, but we had a few poorish wides and they were maintaining a three point cushion up to the closing 20 minutes.
Despite a poorish run in the National, he should be forgiven with conditions too quick.
After three poorish rounds, it was time for graphic designer Howard to go home.
It was through education and taking my opportunities I climbed out of something that could be described as a poorish background and eventually came to success in business.