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"One is Newscaster Rod Gundybur with his 'Breaking News' short segment spoofs and the other is a redneck named Pooter Williams who owns a chain of fried possum restaurants," he continued.
TV QUIZ 1 Who portrayed Charles Pooter in BBC4's 2007 version of Diary of A Nobody?
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Estas ultimas se pueden estimar por diferentes metodos, entre los mas comunes se tienen: a) Nelson-Siegel (Diebold y Li, 2006; Favero, Niu y Sala, 2007; Gimeno y Marques, 2009; De Pooter, Ravazzolo y van Dijk, 2010; Yu y Zivot, 2011) y b) componentes principales (Sethi, 2008; para el caso de Mexico: Cortes, Ramos-Francia y Torres, 2008).
Charles Pooter, the fictional character in George and Weedon Grossmith's comic novel The Diary of a Nobody (1889) who is always engaged in trivial domestic tasks, has been an enduring illustration of suburban banality and a figure of satire throughout the 20th century.
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