pop back

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w>pop back

vt sep(schnell) zurücktun (inf); pop the lid back on the boxklapp den Deckel wieder auf die Schachtel; pop it back in(to) the boxtu es wieder in die Schachtel
vischnell zurücklaufen; she popped back for her booksie lief zurück, um ihr Buch zu holen
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The goods sector was robust, and analysts saw huge gains of 785k for civilian jobs and 806k for the labor force, with a labor force participation rate pop back to its 4-year high of 63.
I'm like herpes - one minute I'm gone, then one minute I pop back up.
Dee, who is appearing on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side, set tongues wagging about a possible re-appearance when she tweeted: "It would be fun to pop back in though".
Just pop out the empty, remove the protective cover from the refill, and pop back into the jar.
Also, make sure the lock handle doesn't pop back up before inserting the pin.
Superintendent Jim Napier, Sunderland Area Command, said: "People might think they're saving time by leaving the engine running to de-ice the car while they pop back into their house, but we're urging them not to do this.
But you can't keep a good Scouser away for long, and the X Factor star found time to pop back home to enjoy lunch at one of her favourite restaurants, San Carlo on Castle Street.
Neighbourhood Inspector Lisa Musgrove said: "At this time of year when the car needs de-icing and it is cold outside, it can be tempting to leave the engine running and pop back into the house.
Pop Back To Creation Sara Lowes The Manchester singer/ songwriter has a long history of collaborations, working with the likes of The Earlies, King Creosote and Jim Noir.
SHOPAHOLIC Victoria Beckham looks like she needs to pop back to the mall for a new outfit.
In the first episode, the entrepreneur looks for a location for his new venture, but also finds time to pop back to Blighty to visit Tom Calver at Westcombe Dairy, and discover the secret behind an award-winning Cheddar.
Even though she retired last Friday, she's vowed to pop back to continue the gardening - and to finally finish the mural.