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Noun1.pop bottle - a bottle for holding soft drinkspop bottle - a bottle for holding soft drinks  
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
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She always took a pop bottle to work and any drinks that were left in glasses she would empty into this and it would be stored for the Christmas trifle.
The awards are shaped like a pop bottle - but it was the home-grown talent of Jem and Charlotte Church who lost the big pop battle on Saturday.: POP FACTORY MUSIC AWARDS 2005:Best Live Act - Stereophonics Best Live Event - Wakestock Best Pop Act - Liberty X Best Welsh Language Act - The Poppies Best Music Export - Jem Best New Act - The Automatic Community Music Award - Sonig Contribution To Music Industry - Dai Davies Best Performer On The Guest List - Bullet For My Valentine Rock 'n' Roll Excess - Goldie Lookin' Chain Best Welsh Band - Lost Prophets Best Album - Feeder Outstanding Contribution To Music - Tom Jones THE awards are shaped like a pop bottle - but it was the home-grown talent of Jem and Charlotte Church who lost the big pop battle on Saturday.
Kyle's mother, Sharon Pitchford, said: "I'm disgusted someone can get hold of chemicals at school and hide them in a pop bottle."
Andrew Broome, representing the HSE, told the court the defendant had failed, when requested, to take the plastic pop bottle containing the substance to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, where Mr Walker was being treated in intensive care.
A PLASTIC pop bottle and a fiercely-protective mum has saved the lives of five tiny kittens.
This hole should be about 5cm above the bottom of the pop bottle.
That bottle of raki, for instance, brought back in a pop bottle from Turkey 15 years ago, is still sitting in the cupboard, aging nicely from turps to nail varnish remover.
"I then saw her get hold of a bottle from the front of the car - it was like a pop bottle." She said that Miss Murphy drank a capful of the clear liquid and passed it to her.
First, get a plastic water or pop bottle and, using a sharp knife or pair of scissors, carefully cut off the neck - about an inch or so from the top.
MEMORIES: John Denham remembers the glass pop bottle and bashing them on crates such as those pictured on the Ben Shaws horse-drawn waggon in 1954, right
This particular binman emptied the paper into the big green wheelie bin and then noticed a large plastic pop bottle amongst the paper.
"We anticipate it will be lots of fun for the family as children will have the opportunity to launch their own rocket by using a pop bottle to get it to lift off.