pop out

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Verb1.pop out - appear suddenly; "Spring popped up everywhere in the valley"
appear - come into sight or view; "He suddenly appeared at the wedding"; "A new star appeared on the horizon"
2.pop out - bulge outward; "His eyes popped"
change form, change shape, deform - assume a different shape or form
3.pop out - exit briefly; "He popped out for a quick coffee break"
exit, get out, go out, leave - move out of or depart from; "leave the room"; "the fugitive has left the country"
pop in - enter briefly; "He popped in for two minutes"
4.pop out - come out suddenly or forcefully; "you stick a bill in the vending machine and the change pops out"
egress, come forth, emerge, go forth, come out, issue - come out of; "Water issued from the hole in the wall"; "The words seemed to come out by themselves"

w>pop out

vi (inf)
(= go out)(schnell) rausgehen (inf); (spring, rabbit)herausspringen (of aus); he has just popped out for a beerer ist schnell auf ein Bierchen gegangen (inf); he has just popped out to buy a paper/to the shopser ist schnell eine Zeitung kaufen gegangen/zum Einkaufen gegangen
(eyes)vorquellen; his eyes were popping out (with amazement)vor Staunen fielen ihm fast die Augen aus dem Kopf (inf)
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But I gotta pop out. I remember seeing an old clip of Felix Arguelles doing a 50-50 and popping over a knob on the end of the rail and thinking how cool it would be to do it on a big handrail.
"While visitors are watching a video about a product or service, we can pop out a link to a flyer with more details, and track whether they download the flyer," Hanson says.
The beer presentation includes a fixture that is a built-in equivalent to the pop out displays Andronico's uses for satellite merchandising to present product from one department in others.