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Noun1.popcorn ball - popcorn combined with a thick sugar or molasses or caramel syrup and formed into ballspopcorn ball - popcorn combined with a thick sugar or molasses or caramel syrup and formed into balls
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
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Every child would receive a small paper sack with an orange, one popcorn ball and some candy corn.
It was purposefully sweet and cheesy while accented by a caramel sauce and a salted caramel popcorn ball. These were a nice end to a relatively good meal.
That led to the Popcorn Ball, a plastic ball with a lid and finger grips so it can be spun and even thrown.
He certainly eclipses the popcorn ball made by employees at The Popcorn Factory in Lake Forest, Ill., in 2006, which weighed 3,423 pounds and is listed on the Guinness World Records website at the largest popcorn ball - so far.
The bodies tend to have a "popcorn ball" appearance characteristic of calcified cartilage.
Wrap each popcorn ball in a sheet of clear plastic wrap.
Sue Brookie, of Willoughby, Ohio, hopes someone has a recipe for a soft, chewy popcorn ball.
For a treat, pack a popcorn ball with a raisin face.
Individually seal each popcorn ball in foil or clear plastic wrap; store airtight up to 5 days.
Mother would make hot chocolate and send everyone home with a candy cane, popcorn ball and candy sack from our tree.
She went all out for holidays and especially Halloween when neighborhood children looked forward to her hot chocolate and homemade popcorn balls.