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pop·ple 1

intr.v. pop·pled, pop·pling, pop·ples
To move in a tossing, bubbling, or rippling manner, as choppy water.
1. Choppy water.
2. The motion or sound of boiling liquid.

[Middle English poplen, probably of Middle Dutch origin.]

pop·ple 2

n. Informal
A poplar.

[Middle English popel (perhaps from Old English popul-), from Latin pōpulus.]


vb (intr)
1. (of boiling water or a choppy sea) to heave or toss; bubble
2. (often foll by along) (of a stream or river) to move with an irregular tumbling motion: the small rivulet poppled along over rocks and stones for half a mile.
[C14: of imitative origin; compare Middle Dutch popelen to bubble, throb]


(ˈpɒp əl)

v. -pled, -pling,
n. v.i.
1. to move in a tumbling, irregular manner, as boiling water.
2. a poppling motion.
[1300–50; Middle English poplen; imitative; see -le]


(ˈpɒp əl)

n. Northern U.S.
a poplar of the genus Populus.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English popul < Latin pōpulus]


Past participle: poppled
Gerund: poppling

I popple
you popple
he/she/it popples
we popple
you popple
they popple
I poppled
you poppled
he/she/it poppled
we poppled
you poppled
they poppled
Present Continuous
I am poppling
you are poppling
he/she/it is poppling
we are poppling
you are poppling
they are poppling
Present Perfect
I have poppled
you have poppled
he/she/it has poppled
we have poppled
you have poppled
they have poppled
Past Continuous
I was poppling
you were poppling
he/she/it was poppling
we were poppling
you were poppling
they were poppling
Past Perfect
I had poppled
you had poppled
he/she/it had poppled
we had poppled
you had poppled
they had poppled
I will popple
you will popple
he/she/it will popple
we will popple
you will popple
they will popple
Future Perfect
I will have poppled
you will have poppled
he/she/it will have poppled
we will have poppled
you will have poppled
they will have poppled
Future Continuous
I will be poppling
you will be poppling
he/she/it will be poppling
we will be poppling
you will be poppling
they will be poppling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been poppling
you have been poppling
he/she/it has been poppling
we have been poppling
you have been poppling
they have been poppling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been poppling
you will have been poppling
he/she/it will have been poppling
we will have been poppling
you will have been poppling
they will have been poppling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been poppling
you had been poppling
he/she/it had been poppling
we had been poppling
you had been poppling
they had been poppling
I would popple
you would popple
he/she/it would popple
we would popple
you would popple
they would popple
Past Conditional
I would have poppled
you would have poppled
he/she/it would have poppled
we would have poppled
you would have poppled
they would have poppled
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