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Noun1.populariser - someone who makes attractive to the general public
communicator - a person who communicates with others
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Par cette action, Kia Motors renouvelle sa volonte de populariser le sport et ses valeurs de solidarite, d'engagement et d'esprit d'equipe, et surtout se rapprocher au plus pres des consommateurs, qui par leur confiance constante a la marque l'ont propulset au plus haut niveau sur le marche de l'automobile en Tunisie.
A mon avis, c'est notre devoir de faire connaitre et rayonner la culture marocaine, mais aussi de populariser notre culture[beaucoup plus grand que], confie le Directeur du CCR, Vassily Tchetchine.
However, the perfectly-coiffed populariser of science himself soon kicked that idea into touch when he came on stage and told us: "I'm glad to see so many of you here - it gives me hope for the future of the universe.
Gareth Malone, the self-styled 'populariser of choral singing', is taking on his biggest challenge yet.
Asteroid (315166) Pawelmaksym, discovered in 2007 at Charleston Observatory, South Carolina, was recently named in honour of Pawel and his role as an astronomy populariser in Poland.
He was a natural teacher and populariser. Among his more accessible pieces, he wrote the article on holography for the first National Geographic Magazine to feature a hologram on its cover (in 1984), which is certainly the most widely-read article on the subject ever published.
He was an experimenter and populariser known for his stories of disaster and systematic breakdown.They include the rampant microbe of The Andromeda Strain or the dinosaurs running madly in Jurassic Park.Hollywood impact
A skip and a jump across the planet with the best populariser of geology around
Miriam Estensen is an accomplished populariser of historical materials (a previous work covered the Life of Matthew Flinders) and this is a competent, well-contextualised and useful account of Spanish voyages and 'discoveries' in the Pacific.