popularity contest

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Noun1.popularity contest - competition (real or figurative) for popular support
contest - a struggle between rivals
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Barron's CEOs list is not a popularity contest, Hough notes, with Facebook's (FB) Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet's (GOOGL) Larry Page making the cut while facing widespread criticism for their market dominance, handling of user data, and more.
This is not a popularity contest but it's about who will be prime minister, so having agreed to take part in the televised leadership debates it is now up to whoever is in charge of the programme to highlight why Boris Johnson should never get near No 10 Downing Street.
But the fact is that now it has become a political popularity contest, and one that we are at the very bottom of (just look at the poor young man this year languishing at the bottom of the scoreboard!).
According to Robredo, debates also help elections move away from being a mere popularity contest, where the candidates whose names are more familiar will surely win.
In an effort to bring that local advantage into focus and attract more people to travel to the county, Hualien County Government is holding the 'I'm taking a deep breath in Hualien' Facebook photo popularity contest.
One social media, one angry viewer wrote: "Proves this show is actually a popularity contest rather than an actual show based on dancing."
As the race for the by-election here intensifies, the Batu 4 Wet Market here hosted an impromptu popularity contest after three candidates turned up almost at the same time to canvass for support.
It isn't a popularity contest, and if you look beyond that then MacPherson is without a doubt the best candidate for this new-fangled position.
"Good governance is not a popularity contest. We have to make laws that are right for the people whether or not these would be popular to them.
Don't treat it as a popularity contest: On one social media platform, a 12-year-old girl had 7,000 followers.
Read:(www.ibtimes.com/trump-putin-meeting-g20-diplomacy-not-popularity-contest-says-former-us-ambassador-2561811)   (www.ibtimes.com/trump-putin-meeting-g20-diplomacy-not-popularity-contest-says-former-us-ambassador-2561811) Trump-Putin Meeting At G20: 'Diplomacy' Not A 'Popularity Contest,' Says Former US Ambassador To Russia