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tr.v. pop·u·lat·ed, pop·u·lat·ing, pop·u·lates
1. To supply with inhabitants, as by colonization.
2. To live in; inhabit: creatures that populate the ocean depths.
3. Computers To fill (an empty field or array) with data.
4. Chemistry To fill (an electron shell of an atom) with electrons.

[Medieval Latin populāre, populāt-, from Latin populus, the people; see popular.]
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Adj.1.populated - furnished with inhabitants; "the area is well populated"; "forests populated with all kinds of wild life"
inhabited - having inhabitants; lived in; "the inhabited regions of the earth"


[ˈpɒpjʊleɪtɪd] adj [area] → peuplé(e)
a heavily populated area → une région fortement peuplée
References in classic literature ?
An ugly, thickly populated neighborhood, whose area of twinkling lights seemed to reach almost to the murky skies; hideous, indeed by day, not altogether devoid now of a certain weird attractiveness by reason of low-hung stars.
It is the part of the West Wind's dominions most thickly populated with generations of fine ships and hardy men.
He was like an explorer now who has reasoned that certain natural features must present themselves, and, beating up a broad river, finds here the tributary that he expected, there the fertile, populated plains, and further on the mountains.
This is what makes it evident that a drowning man is less free and more subject to necessity than one standing on dry ground, and that makes the actions of a man closely connected with others in a thickly populated district, or of one bound by family, official, or business duties, seem certainly less free and more subject to necessity than those of a man living in solitude and seclusion.
Texas plumed itself upon its 330,000 natives; Florida, with a far smaller territory, boasted of being much more densely populated with 56,000.
In those days, so sparsely populated was the land that wild animals often became pests.
Pestsov insisted that one country can only absorb another when it is the more densely populated.
The water which supplies the farms of Mars is collected in immense underground reservoirs at either pole from the melting ice caps, and pumped through long conduits to the various populated centers.
The apparition of this grotesque, half-bestial creature had suddenly populated the stillness of the afternoon for me.
With no small difficulty my cabman found the right place, away out toward the ocean beach, in a sparsely populated suburb.
Well, we've got the water, immense subterranean supplies, and in not many years this valley will be populated as thick as Belgium.
Harvey had a notion that the east coast of his native land, from Mount Desert south, was populated chiefly by people who took their horses there in the summer and entertained in country-houses with hardwood floors and Vantine portieres.