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tr.v. pop·u·lat·ed, pop·u·lat·ing, pop·u·lates
1. To supply with inhabitants, as by colonization.
2. To live in; inhabit: creatures that populate the ocean depths.
3. Computers To fill (an empty field or array) with data.
4. Chemistry To fill (an electron shell of an atom) with electrons.

[Medieval Latin populāre, populāt-, from Latin populus, the people; see popular.]
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Adj.1.populated - furnished with inhabitants; "the area is well populated"; "forests populated with all kinds of wild life"
inhabited - having inhabitants; lived in; "the inhabited regions of the earth"


[ˈpɒpjʊleɪtɪd] adj [area] → peuplé(e)
a heavily populated area → une région fortement peuplée
References in classic literature ?
They say this wilderness is populated with a scattering few hundred thousand billions of red angels, with now and then a curiously complected DISEASED one.
The water which supplies the farms of Mars is collected in immense underground reservoirs at either pole from the melting ice caps, and pumped through long conduits to the various populated centers.
The apparition of this grotesque, half-bestial creature had suddenly populated the stillness of the afternoon for me.
It is the part of the West Wind's dominions most thickly populated with generations of fine ships and hardy men.
George looked at long stone walls upholding reaches of silvery-oak weather-boarding; buttresses of mixed flint and bricks; outside stairs, stone upon arched stone; curves of thatch where grass sprouted; roundels of house-leeked tiles, and a huge paved yard populated by two cows and the repentant Rambler.
Harvey had a notion that the east coast of his native land, from Mount Desert south, was populated chiefly by people who took their horses there in the summer and entertained in country-houses with hardwood floors and Vantine portieres.
The breezes fanned over him, the parrots shrieked at him, the noises of the populated house behind - squabbles, orders, and reproofs - hit on dead ears.
Even in populated India a man cannot a day sit still before the wild things run over him as though he were a rock; and in that wilderness very soon the wild things, who knew Kali's Shrine well, came back to look at the intruder.
Blunt, populated by the agile, bearded beasts with cynical heads, and a little misty figure dark in the sunlight with a halo of dishevelled rust-coloured hair about its head.
Most people in this country imagine that Italy is entirely populated with ice cream men and organ grinders.
Hence, in this disorder, deeds of violence on the part of the populace directed against a palace, a hotel, or house in the most thickly populated quarters, were not unheard-of occurrences.
He was like an explorer now who has reasoned that certain natural features must present themselves, and, beating up a broad river, finds here the tributary that he expected, there the fertile, populated plains, and further on the mountains.