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Noun1.population profile - a chart showing the number of people as a function of their ages
profile - an analysis (often in graphical form) representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics; "a biochemical profile of blood"; "a psychological profile of serial killers"
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This is especially pertinent given the current changing population demographics in Ireland; with increased life expectancy, we should address initiatives that increase opportunities for active and healthy ageing.
He said statistics captured, gender, age and population demographics and therefore informed the development agenda.
The company is targeting industrial markets across the US with strong population demographics and significant in-place infrastructure.
The combination of rising life expectancy and low birth rates distorts the population demographics that the social care system was built on.
Presentations and discussions will identify trends and explore means to promote the integration of population demographics and issues of development planning, improving monitoring and assessment.
So at any one time Kenya should have many more teachers enrolled at university in both STEM and humanities because our population demographics demand so.
The studies evaluate life history, habitat and distribution, food habits, and population demographics. Seven of the papers focus on smallmouth bass, examining first year survival, the effect of temperature and streamflow variables, Michigan stream habitats, and the role of recovering river herring populations.
Additionally, with more youth choosing to delay marriage for their career, variety of birth control methods and preference to have fewer babies, population demographics have changed massively.
Raising the retirement age is a multi-faceted issue regardless of the economy and the population demographics.
"People must be given a chance to make money." The prime minister talked up Pakistan's geographical location and population demographics, which he said make the country an attractive market for foreign investors.