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Noun1.population shift - a change in the relative numbers of the different groups of individuals making up a population
transformation, transmutation, shift - a qualitative change
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How then would he explain the latest census results of Powys showing a dramatic population shift; surely a silent ethnic cleansing.
"The project will use cutting-edge technology to build an elevated railway line, with a maximum train speed of 160 kilometers per hour, to help ease chronic road congestion in and around Metro Manila, reduce air pollution, cut the costs of transport and logistics, and encourage economic growth and a population shift outside the capital," the ADB said.
As a whole, the ADB said this project 'will help ease the current chronic road congestion in Metro Manila, reduce air pollution, cut the costs of transport and logistics, spur economic growth in central Luzon, and encourage a population shift from the capital to growth centers in the north, such as Clark in Pampanga.'
This population shift is creating an increasingly intercultural population, which is impacting American culture, especially when it comes to food.
It studies the effects of this population shift on national and cultural identity and traces the postcolonial Caribbean experience through analyses of the concepts of identity and diaspora.
The world is undergoing a major population shift that will reshape economic development for decades.
We need a Policy Growth Center to initiate sound policies for development of rural economy and provide employment opportunities in rural areas to decrease the population shift in cities from these areas.
"Our new approach addresses the population shift that's occurring in the United States, and the future of the general consumer market.
In the same period, over 590,000 people have crossed into Greece, the frontline of a massive westward population shift from war-ravaged Syria and beyond.
In addition to this population shift, there are also refugee population shifts from neighboring countries in which individuals are migrating to urban areas for work.
Energy crisis in Pakistan can be attributed to many factors - mismanagement, no new discoveries, poor public awareness and massive population shift to urban centers.
This dramatic population shift is the result of the Rudins, and like-minded developers, transforming underused commercial office space into residential property--an achievement Rudin is very proud of.

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