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A heavy-bodied mackerel shark (Lamna nasus) chiefly of temperate waters.

[Cornish porbugel.]
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(Animals) any of several voracious sharks of the genus Lamna, esp L. nasus, of northern seas: family Isuridae. Also called: mackerel shark
[C18: from Cornish porgh-bugel, of obscure origin]
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(ˈpɔrˌbi gəl)

a large, voracious mackerel shark, Lamna nasus, of northern seas, having a crescent-shaped tail.
[1750–60; < Cornish porghbugel]
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Noun1.porbeagle - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and Pacificporbeagle - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and Pacific
mackerel shark - fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks
genus Lamna, Lamna - a genus of Lamnidae
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"Attacks on humans are rare but they are more dangerous than a porbeagle shark, which are native." There are no known fatalities from hammerheads.
Sulikowski said porbeagle sharks are listed as vulnerable to the risk of global extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
That said, however, the news last month that a fishing boat operating off the Fife coast in the Firth of Forth had encountered a porbeagle shark - a smaller but not-that-much-smaller cousin of the great white - was a reminder that sharks are not entirely unknown in these parts.
He most commonly buries household animals, but Mr Findlay has interred seals, dolphins and even a porbeagle shark which washed up in the bay.
Send pictures to Flashback, Daily Post, Bryn Eirias, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL29 8BF or e-mail featureswales@dailypost.co.uk FLASHBACK with Iolo Griffiths this week: Fishing | In November 1988 Conwy fisherman Wally Meddings had a shock when he caught a very big fish, a 10-foot porbeagle shark, when he was fishing for cod and skate for his son-in-law's Fresh Plaice fishmonger's shop in Llandudno Junction.
Abstract--The porbeagle (Lamna nasus) is a slow-growing, late-maturing, long-lived pelagic shark that inhabits cold temperate waters.
It is unclear what species the shark is, but Lucy said other divers believe it is either a Porbeagle or Tope.
Angler Matthew Burrett caught the monster porbeagle shark while fishing off the coast of Milford Haven.
A Whale shark B Basking shark C Great white shark D Porbeagle QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: Which event is commemorated by Wren's London Monument?
In scenes reminiscent of the classic movie Jaws, Mark Nelson, from Mountain Ash, caught the porbeagle shark off the north Cornwall coast.
paper wasps--ape, asp porbeagle shark--beagle, eagle ratites--rat, tit serrated turtle--rat, tur Thomas's sticky-toed gecko--ass, tick turbot--tur, bot (botfly larva) A perfect charade.