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Noun1.porc - meat from a domestic hog or pigporc - meat from a domestic hog or pig  
pig, squealer, Sus scrofa, grunter, hog - domestic swine
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
cut of pork - cut of meat from a hog or pig
cochon de lait, suckling pig - whole young pig suitable for roasting
pork loin - meat from a loin of pork
salt pork - fat from the back and sides and belly of a hog carcass cured with salt
pigs' feet, pigs' knuckles - feet or knuckles of hogs used as food; pickled or stewed or jellied
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Overseen by Porc.Wales, which represents Wales' specialist pork farmers, butchers and processors, the campaign runs until the end of this week.
The products are as follows: from Poland, dried and smoked prunes, liwka szydlowska' (PGI) and bread Obwarzanek krakowski' (PGI); in France Porc de Franche-Comte' (PGI); in Germany, the apple juice Hessischer Apfelwein' (PGI); and a product from a third country, Chinese pasta Longkou Fen Si' (PGI).
According to Marche du Porc Breton data, the price for a kilogram of pork fell to 1.153 euro from 1.20 euro a week earlier.
William showed them how to prepare and cook escalope de porc belle from the Languedoc region in the south of France.
PORC QUEBEC (See advertisement in this section) 555 Boul Roland-Therrien, Longueuil, QC J4H 3Y9; 450/679-8483, FAX: 450/670-1646 Web site: www.laterre.ca Year first published: 1990 Parent co: La Federation des Producteurs de Porcs du Quebec Circ: 2,751 (CCAB).