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Having pores.

[New Latin porus, pore; see poriferan + -ferous.]


1. (Biology) biology having many pores
2. (Animals) another word for poriferan2
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Adj.1.poriferous - full of pores or vessels or holes
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3D scaffold made up by nanofibers with poriferous structure provides 3D environment for cell distribution, proliferation, and differentiation which has clinical application prospect for tissue engineering.
This method is the delivery of intermittent or continuous subatmospheric pressure through a particular pump, connecting to a poriferous and foam-surface dressing covered with an adhesive drape to maintain a vacuum environment [24].
This tooth and the second are blunter than represented for hirsutus and the poriferous tooth is distinctly bifid, e.g., on the 13th keels, whereas Pocock's drawings shows this enlarged tooth entire...