pork and beans

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Noun1.pork and beans - dried beans cooked with pork and tomato sauce
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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It was perfectly pleasant, but like my fries, pretty standard: it didn't provide the thrill of enjoyment I'd had from my pork and beans. To be fair, though, this restaurant is not really about dessert - in fact, I doubt many people make it that far.
(URC) will be taking full control of Hunt-Universal Robina Corp., subsidiary of the famous pork and beans brand 'Hunt's,' after buying the remaining shares of its joint venture partner, ConAgra Grocery Products Company, LLC.
(URC) on Monday said it is buying out its partner in its joint venture with the maker of Hunt's brand, popular for its pork and beans and tomato-sauce products.
* Chicken salad on wholegrain bread, pork and beans, leaf lettuce and tomato, tropical fruit, cookie
I also wanted to tell you that if you can make bread, you can definitely make "pork and beans." In my New England heritage it's called "baked beans," but it's the same thing and here's how:
Carnitas and spiced beans plus a trio oflively salsas are Mexico's rousing way of serving pork and beans. Here, we feature a convivial party menu well suited to summer weather.
(CNPF) has expanded its food portfolio with the acquisition of the Philippine license for pork and beans brand 'Hunt's' from the Gokongwei-led group.