pork sausage

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Noun1.pork sausage - sausage containing porkpork sausage - sausage containing pork    
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
banger - (British informal) pork sausage
bratwurst, brat - a small pork sausage
linguica - a highly seasoned Portuguese pork sausage flavored with garlic and onions
saveloy - a ready-cooked and highly seasoned pork sausage
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here's a delicious offer we know U won't want to miss - a FREE Mattessons Smoked Pork Sausage.
Mattessons have added a new flavour to its range Hot and Spicy--which infuses chilli and smoked pork sausage. This new variant has proved to be a phenomenal success with strong repeat and incremental sales, following regional test trials.
The company has gone from strength to strength since it began supplying Tesco with pre-packed traditional pork sausage and pork and county herb sausage in June last year.
Sausage maker William Gill struck gold with a thick pork sausage, a thin pork sausage and a pork and leek sausage.
It follows the successful introduction last year of its Famous Thin Pork Sausage into Asda, which will now promote a new sausage line - Riverside Pork Sausage, named after Middlesbrough's football stadium.
This year, judges evaluated 200 entries across five categories - traditional pork sausage, speciality pork sausage, best pub pork sausage, best innovative pork sausage and iconic British banger.
SINNER: Wall's thick pork sausage - 321 calories SAINT: Marks & Spencer Count On Us pork sausage - 105 calories
A PORK sausage from the South Wales valleys topped a competition to find the country's best banger.
Products sold as "pork sausage" only have to contain 42 per cent meat.
Routh Packing Company, based in Sandusky, Ohio, recalled 1,719 pounds of raw pork sausage products, amid fear of them being contaminated with rubber.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to estimate the effect of pre-converted nitrite from natural sources (red beet, lettuce, celery, and spinach) on physicochemical properties and color development in raw and cooked pork sausage and to compare the effects of synthetic nitrite with those of natural nitrite.
AND CHORIZO PASTRIES PS2.50, Tesco Spice things up with these pastries filled with chicken and chorizo pork sausage in a tomato sauce with onion, red pepper, chilli and spices.