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pork·y 1

adj. pork·i·er, pork·i·est
1. Of or like pork: a porky flavor.
2. Derogatory Slang Fat or corpulent.

pork′i·ness n.

por·ky 2

n. pl. por·kies Informal
A porcupine.

[Shortening and alteration of porcupine.]


adj, porkier or porkiest
1. (Cookery) belonging to or characteristic of pork: a porky smell.
2. informal fat; obese
ˈporkiness n


n, pl porkies
slang Brit a lie. Also called: pork pie
[from rhyming slang pork pie lie]


(ˈpɔr ki, ˈpoʊr-)

adj. pork•i•er, pork•i•est.
1. of, pertaining to, or resembling pork.
2. fat; obese.
pork′i•ness, n.


A. ADJgordo, gordinflón
B. N (Brit) (= lie) → bola f, mentira f


1 (inf)
adj (+er) (= fat)fett
nSchwindelei f


n (US inf) → Stachelschwein nt
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Yes, for some reason, most of the recent political porkies seemed to have a northern rail travel-based theme.
He said: "Every manager would rather have every signing made for the start of pre-season, anyone who says otherwise is telling porkies.
By contrast, the average woman will come out with 728 porkies per year -fibbing twice a day.
But how sad that ageism is so rife in our society that women barely out of their 20s now feel the need to tell porkies about their birthdays.
The shorts were made from the measurements supplied by each individual - myself included - and it seems a few of us were telling porkies about the size of our gut.
Organisers had promised a crackling day out for families - and they weren't telling porkies.
However much you want to believe she's telling porkies (not that she's just overly porky) it doesn't take much to get drawn in to her ITV2 show.
WOMEN are better at telling porkies than men, a report has found.
Either Norfolk is living in a space capsule or someone is telling porkies here.
Apparently a lot of churchwardens and vicars tell porkies about their churches being locked.
Especially since the omission was an accusation that he'd been telling porkies with which he completely disagreed.
Whether they are little white lies or serious porkies, a huge 94 per cent of the 5,000 respondents confessed to telling fibs, with 48 per cent lying daily.