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A hat having a low flat crown and a flexible, narrow brim. Also called porkpie hat.
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(ˈpɔrkˌpaɪ, ˈpoʊrk-)

a snap-brimmed hat with a round, flat crown, usu. made of felt.
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Noun1.porkpie - man's hat with a low, flat crown and a snap brim
snap-brim hat - a hat with a snap brim
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I allays offer it along with the sherry, though sister Glegg will have it I'm so extravagant; and as for liking to have my clothes tidy, and not go a fright about the house, there's nobody in the parish can say anything against me in respect o' backbiting and making mischief, for I don't wish anybody any harm; and nobody loses by sending me a porkpie, for my pies are fit to show with the best o' my neighbors'; and the linen's so in order as if I was to die to-morrow I shouldn't be ashamed.
Yanks love food but are being denied that great old English recipe, cauliflower and porkpie goulash, served in a shower tray.
All the bands involved are helping Teenage Cancer Trust put the needs of young people first and helps them work challenges together" Meanwhile, tonight at The Bungalow eight piece Ska band Porkpie will be performing.
Over on The Great Mountain Stage, Bombskare were a mass of porkpie hats, suits and high-kicking DMs with the finest Scottish ska.
of types all Wordsquare: porkpie bearskin, Skullcap, K.
Since at least the middle of the nineteenth century, avant-garde fine artists and entertainers alike have marketed themselves as provocative and unique and easily recognizable through trademark styles or porkpie hats.
Nevertheless, Keaton's signature "Great Stone Face" had eyes which registered every nonsensical detail under that pancake porkpie hat.
Brexit seem to think some Enid Blyton world of summers with no rain, the thwack of a cricket ball on a willow bat, three TV channels and porkpie picnics for all would be the norm, but it's Johnny Foreigner who has ruined it all.
If The Ale House was set in Notting Hill, Yogi would have a full beard, porkpie hat and bore everyone rigid with tales of his life-enhancing weekend spent in a Cotswolds cave making cottage cheese.
Cranston -- who won four Emmys for the role -- delighted photographers by donning the black porkpie hat for a few moments.
Porkpie Mick, from Golcar, said: "Thought Town were good in spells.
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