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pork·y 1

adj. pork·i·er, pork·i·est
1. Of or like pork: a porky flavor.
2. Derogatory Slang Fat or corpulent.

pork′i·ness n.

por·ky 2

n. pl. por·kies Informal
A porcupine.

[Shortening and alteration of porcupine.]
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adj, porkier or porkiest
1. (Cookery) belonging to or characteristic of pork: a porky smell.
2. informal fat; obese
ˈporkiness n


n, pl porkies
slang Brit a lie. Also called: pork pie
[from rhyming slang pork pie lie]
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(ˈpɔr ki, ˈpoʊr-)

adj. pork•i•er, pork•i•est.
1. of, pertaining to, or resembling pork.
2. fat; obese.
pork′i•ness, n.
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A. ADJgordo, gordinflón
B. N (Brit) (= lie) → bola f, mentira f
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1 (inf)
adj (+er) (= fat)fett
nSchwindelei f


n (US inf) → Stachelschwein nt
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References in classic literature ?
"Look here, Skinny Philander," he said, in belligerent tones, "if you are lookin' for a scrap, peel off your coat and come on down on the ground, and I'll punch your head just as I did sixty years ago in the alley back of Porky Evans' barn."
Jonas and Turner have another dog Porky who is the brother of Waldo.
Sophie, 23, and Joe, 29, originally adopted Waldo in April last year and have another dog, Porky, from the same litter.
Every festive season the queues at the Porky Pig stall stretch right across Exchange Square.
Through this window to the multi-verse swing various Spidertypes of different genders, styles and species which range from 1930s noir, to Japanese manga and a sort of Porky Pig character.
David Harbron will soon open his Porky's restaurant at the former site of the Last Days of the Raj Indian restaurant on Kells Lane, having noticed the success of a Porky'sbranded restaurant in Blyth.
A more recent story of Frantisek "Porky" Starek, "The Dandy from the North," with art by Branko Jelinek, illustrates the persecution of the Czech Underground.
"We waited for the red light," said Ian, better known to listeners as Porky, "then I went in, stood on a chair and dropped my trousers."
Porky's Ski Hutte, the Apres style bar, is opening on Berry Street in the building TRIBECA used to occupy.
let's call the whole thing off Dawn French takes a swipe at US President Donald Trump and the "word" he recently coined It might be the only good thing to have been given to us by that great porky steamer from across the Atlantic Jennifer Saunders also on the subject of covfefe The picture of David and Sam Cam's toes was just awful in its tackiness Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe I will be remembered for about 40 seconds of my life, The time I thumped that bloke in the street Lord (John) Prescott, Labour's former deputy prime minister
Other characters present in the whimsical mash-up were Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Pepe Le Pew, and Tasmanian Devil.