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 (pôrn) Slang
a. Pornography.
b. A pornographic film or video.
2. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination: disaster porn.
3. Printed material featuring enticing photography: "quirky or scholarly garden books that would be lost in the spring flood of garden porn" (Michael Pollan).

porn′y adj.
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adj, -nier or -niest
slang relating to pornography; pornographic
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Silem Mohammad's "Mars Need Terrorists" and Drew Gardner's "Chicks Dig War," for example, scour the internet for repulsive views that they might ridicule, intermixing them with the porny, spammy, chatty wordspew of the general online environment.
Some people have dismissed this book by calling it "porny" or exploitative; this might be because reckoning with the way all women's sexualities are shaped by the structural dominance of men is profoundly uncomfortable.
Having finished with Vikings, I'm currently jolly rogering across the seas with porny pirate tale Black Sails.
Commenting on whyfeminists took over Rat, a New Yorkbased alternative newspaper in 1970, Robin Morgan outlinesthe portrayals of women in that periodical: "The token'pussy power' or 'clit militancy' articles.The snide descriptions of women staffers on the masthead" and"the porny photos, the sexist comic strips, the'nudie-chickie' covers (along with their patronizingrhetoric about being in favor of women's liberation)."(48) Further reinforcing the gap between New Left and women'sliberation activism was the location of women within the antiwarmovement.
Turning down a starring role in a Jackie Collins movie because it was "too porny" to having his role as a Speedo-wearing crook on a nudist beach scuppered by disinterested studio execs, one can only wonder what might have been had Tom better heeded Hollywood's call.
"Forty years after the Dagenham strike," Cohen wrote, "four out of 10 British schools are putting the hot girls in porny costumes and teaching them to shake their buns through life."