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Any of several disorders of porphyrin metabolism, usually hereditary, characterized by the presence of large amounts of porphyrins in the blood and urine.

[New Latin : porphyr(in) + -ia.]

por·phyr′ic adj.
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(Medicine) of or relating to porphyria
(Medicine) a person suffering from porphyria
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According to the relative distribution of the samples, the AEYA and TEYA soils without mulching showed porphyric distribution at 48 h; and the TEFN showed porphyric distribution after the first simulated rainfall (0 h).
An unusual suicide attempt: a case with psychosis during an acute porphyric attack.
The sediments in which the iron sandstone layers occur are clayey sands (close to single-spaced porphyric c/f-related distribution).
Another form of tetrad effect is known as co-existence of both convex and concave tetrad effect shapes in the same normalized REE distribution patterns such as Tono uranium deposit in Japan, volcanic glasses, ferromanganese nodules and Terra Rossa in China, porphyric rocks in Transbaikalia, cryolites in Pitinga of Brazil, fluorite deposit, phosphatic shales, and titanium-rich bauxites in Iran (Takahashi et al., 2002; Minuzzi et al., 2008; Peretyazhko and Savina, 2010; Feng et al., 2011; Rezaei Azizi et al., 2017; Abedini et al., 2017; Abedini et al., 2018).
Porphyric neuropathy remains a predominantly motor neuropathy, but cranial nerve involvement has also been described, most commonly affecting the facial nerve and vagus nerve.
Table Factors that can trigger a porphyric attack Inter-current illnesses Chemical/environmental exposure Alcohol use Some medications, including: Antifungals Barbiturates Medications with sulphur moiety Some anesthetics Reproductive hormones Certain foods, including: Vinegar Spinach Coffee Cilantro Rhubarb Hand lotions/cream Sun exposure Pregnancy or postpartum status Restrictive or low carbohydrate diets Source: Reference 7,8 Figure 1 24-Hour urine test results TESTS RESULT FLAG UNITS REFERENCE INTERVAL Porphyrins, On, 24 Hr Ur.
Huang et al., "Heme acts through the Bach1b/Nrf2a-MafK pathway to regulate exocrine peptidase precursor genes in porphyric zebrafish," Disease Models and Mechanisms, vol.
Locally, where the Genna Selole Fm lies on Permian igneous or sedimentary rocks, the basal conglomerate may only be formed by pebbles of the porphyric granitoids or silicified carbonates.
Because most standard HIV protocols include porphyrinogenic antiretrovirals and sulfamethoxazole, ruling out acute porphyric neuropathy is mandatory.
In 'Severe porphyric neuropathy--importance of screening for porphyria in Guillain-Barre syndrome', Schutte et al.
In our case, patient's porphyric attack was precipitated due to hormonal changes in the form of pregnancy but this fact which could have been an eye-catcher remained neglected.
Hematopoietic alterations within porphyric disorders are not well defined.