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After being severed from the whale, the white-horse is first cut into portable oblongs ere going to the mincer.
A portable sheath in which the ancient statesman and the aboriginal lawyer carried their lighter arguments.
They may not be worth much, but, after all, they're property and portable. It don't signify to you with your brilliant look-out, but as to myself, my guidingstar always is, "Get hold of portable property"."
Let us suppose," he continued, folding his table-napkin into a graceful festoon, "that this represents what is perhaps the necessity of this Age--the Active Tourist's Portable Bath.
Everything portable was taken ashore, from her pigs of iron ballast to her running gear and sails.
All their remaining stock of provisions consisted of forty pounds of Indian corn, twenty pounds of grease, about five pounds of portable soup, and a sufficient quantity of dried meat to allow each man a pittance of five pounds and a quarter, to be reserved for emergencies.
"The devil!" said Michel; "one would want a portable crane.
"Time enough for that," she said, "when Mick's gone"; and so she packed his travelling valise ready for the march, brushed his cloak, his cap, and other warlike habiliments, set them out in order for him; and stowed away in the cloak pockets a light package of portable refreshments, and a wicker-covered flask or pocket-pistol, containing near a pint of a remarkably sound Cognac brandy, of which she and the Major approved very much; and as soon as the hands of the "repayther" pointed to half-past one, and its interior arrangements (it had a tone quite equal to a cathaydral, its fair owner considered) knelled forth that fatal hour, Mrs.
But the great advantage of the coracle it certainly possessed, for it was exceedingly light and portable.
Alcohol, which, from its portable qualities, containing the greatest quantity of fiery spirit in the smallest compass, is the only liquor carried across the mountains, is the inflammatory beverage at these carousals, and is dealt out to the trappers at four dollars a pint.
We wondered what had become of the wretch, and made a hurried investigation amongst our portable property.
I tore off the cover, and disclosed an elegant and portable edition of 'Marmion.'