portacaval shunt

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Noun1.portacaval shunt - shunt that is created surgically between the portal vein and the inferior vena cava so that blood from the abdominal organs can bypass the liver
shunt - a passage by which a bodily fluid (especially blood) is diverted from one channel to another; "an arteriovenus shunt"
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Binkert, "Intravascular ultrasound-guided direct intrahepatic portacaval shunt: Midterm follow-up," Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, vol.
Ischemic models (complete/transient devascularization) are the most commonly used surgical models at present [10,11], usually involving a portacaval shunt followed by hepatic artery occlusion and, in many situations, also requiring devascularization of accessory hepatic vessels and occlusion of the common bile duct [9, 11].
Although more invasive than the treatments mentioned above, measures such as portacaval shunt surgery and placement of TIPS present a higher rate of definitive solution.