portal circulation

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por·tal cir·cu·la·tion

n. circulación portal, curso por el cual la sangre entra al hígado por la vena porta y sale por la vena hepática.
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[4,5,6] It is the investigation of choice which will show air filled cystic spaces within the bowel wall, retro peritoneum and portal circulation. It will also tell the status of lungs in case of chronic smokers where this condition is most commonly seen.
Human infestation by the larval stage of the parasite can lead to hydatid cyst formation in any organ, pleural cavity, or peritoneal cavity, as the larvae gain access to the portal circulation after ingestion of contaminated food.
This existence of collaterals plays an important role in the course of BCS and must be considered during interventional treatment of BCS, as they may enable identification of the portal circulation and serve as a guide for DIPS.
Oncospheres then penetrate the small intestine mucosa, enter the portal circulation, and reach the liver, where they develop into metacestodes, the so-called hydatid cyst (HC).