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n. pl. por·ta·men·ti (-tē) or por·ta·men·tos
A smooth uninterrupted glide in passing from one tone to another, especially with the voice or a bowed stringed instrument.

[Italian, from portare, to carry, from Latin portāre; see per- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ti (-tɪ)
(Music, other) music a smooth slide from one note to another in which intervening notes are not separately discernible. Compare glissando
[C18: from Italian: a carrying, from Latin portāre to carry]


(ˌpɔr təˈmɛn toʊ, ˌpoʊr-)

n., pl. -ti (-ti) -tos.
a passing or gliding from one pitch or tone to another with a smooth progression.
[1765–75; < Italian: fingering, literally, a bearing, carrying. See port5, -ment]
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Faatinah, saddled by David Hayes and the ride of Jim Crowley, was second, with Ali Rashid Al Rayhi's Portamento, third, two lengths behind Faatinah.
Australian speedball Faatinah, ridden by Jim Crowley for David Hayes, finished five lengths back in second place while Portamento, the mount of Dubai World Cup-winning jockey Fernando Jara, took third a further two lengths back.
Kaufman writes extensively about Cassado's cello playing, paying particular heed to his use of portamento (audible sliding from note to note), his rhythmic practices, and his unusual interest in modifications to the instrument.
In "The Waltzing Cat," Leroy Anderson recreates the feline strut with clarinets to depict the cat's meow, using a technique called portamento. On specific notes, a smooth, uninterrupted glide in passing from one tone to another creates the "meow" effect.
For instance, as shown in Example 5a, Duncan lowers the 3rd (D natural), the 4th (E natural), and the 7th (A natural), includes a portamento on the word "thaw" in m.
Mackerras's string players use portamento as Elgar's did and swoop upwards in a single smooth glide which adds extra impetus.
- Glide (Portamento) Control: This function determines the amount of time it takes for the pitch of a played note to slide to the pitch of the following played note.
The precedent portamento or the bringing of the tones down, was done with stunning finesse.
The hand horn technique often helps create a portamento effect that connects the notes of the line.
A first step would be to set aside matters of expression--vibrato, portamento, different types of bowing--and to develop a physical posture that would facilitate playing the instrument in an upright position with elbows situated very low and the upper right arm virtually inactive.
Godolphin's Portamento and the highly-rated Speculative Bid are also likely to trouble the judge.