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1. Portable.
2. Capable of or used in carrying.

[Middle English portatif, from Old French, from Latin portāre, to carry; see per- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. a less common word for portable
2. concerned with the act of carrying
[C14: from French, from Latin portāre to carry]
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(ˈpɔr tə tɪv, ˈpoʊr-)

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The British felt the Hotchkiss Portative would be an ideal weapon for equipping cavalry units and, needing additional full-auto weapons, adopted it before WWI as the Hotchkiss Portable Machine Gun Mark I chambered for the .303 Mk.
De Drummond a sua biographia tratam-se de acrescimos feitos pelo proprio ao seu verbete no Biographie Universelle et Portative des Contemporains.
How could the musical sentiment of Titian's painting, in which the pipes of the portative organ recede in symmetrical distances with the garden's noble trees amidst the fountains, ever compare to this?
Then the particles of 125 [micro]m size were separated and the concentrations of HM were analysed using a portative X-ray fluorescence spectrometer NITON XL2 Analyzer (2009).
Macovei S, 2007, Exercitii cu obiecte portative pentru educatia fizica adaptata si incluziva, Editura Didactica si Pedagogica R.
(61) Martina Claus-Bachmann, 'Portative dreifache zuflucht im urbanen alptraum: wayang potehi in Jakarta', in Musik verbindet uns.
But then just as quickly the eye is drawn downward, directed by the upside-down portative organ slipping from Cecilia's hand toward the ground that is already cluttered with abandoned musical instruments: a viola da gamba with missing strings and its bow lying across the da gamba's broken belly; three recorders; two tambourines; two small drums--one with its skin pierced--and their drumsticks; a triangle and a pair of cymbals.
Coating residual stresses were determined by XRD using the sin2[psi] method, and the experiments were carried out with the portative diffractometer DRP-3, based on the sin2[psi] method.
The Benet-Mercie Model 1909, while named for two designers, was basically the Hotchkiss Portative machine gun chambered for the US .30-'06 cartridge.
And 86.18% access to safe water, 96.12% have sources of Mosquito breeding in the premises of houses, 76.89% Sources of fly breeding, 42.42% Cockroach nuisance, 43.42% have no sewage drains, 21.45% have no access to outdoor mosquito control measures followed 75% of study group are practicing mosquito personal portative measures.
On the floor behind the Virgin is a portative organ--a twelfth-century invention--that, like other aspects of the painting, most obviously the Gothic screen in combination with the red cloth draped over it and the trellis-work cross that centrally surmounts it, alludes to the High Church movement's revival of choral music, altar decorations, and other aspects of Catholic (pre-Reformation, medieval) worship.