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or porte-co·chere  (pôrt′kō-shâr′)
1. A roofed structure covering a driveway at the entrance of a building to provide shelter while entering or leaving a vehicle.
2. Archaic A carriage entrance leading through a building or wall into an inner courtyard.

[French porte cochère : porte, door + cochère, for coaches.]
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1. (Architecture) a large covered entrance for vehicles leading into a courtyard
2. (Architecture) a large roof projecting over a drive to shelter travellers entering or leaving vehicles
[C17: from French: carriage entrance, from porte gateway + coche coach]
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or porte-co•chère

(ˌpɔrt koʊˈʃɛər, -kə-, ˌpoʊrt-)

1. a covered entrance for vehicles leading into a courtyard.
2. a porch roof at the door of a building for sheltering people entering or leaving vehicles.
[1690–1700; < French: gate for coaches]
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Noun1.porte-cochere - a carriage entrance passing through a building to an enclosed courtyardporte-cochere - a carriage entrance passing through a building to an enclosed courtyard
entrance, entranceway, entryway, entree, entry - something that provides access (to get in or get out); "they waited at the entrance to the garden"; "beggars waited just outside the entryway to the cathedral"
2.porte-cochere - canopy extending out from a building entrance to shelter those getting in and out of vehicles
canopy - a covering (usually of cloth) that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather
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nWagenauffahrt f
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References in classic literature ?
As she stepped nearer and peered longingly out, she saw something else: she saw, only a little way below the window, the wide, flat tin roof of Miss Polly's sun parlor built over the porte-cochere. The sight filled her with longing.
The three machines stood like weird night monsters at the gravelled foot of the wide stairway under the unlighted porte-cochere. It was a dark night, and the lights of the motor-cars cut as sharply through the blackness as knives would cut through solid substance.
As he rounded the house to the porte-cochere, he came upon the carriage.
Amongst these would-be fugitives, Jos remarked the Lady Bareacres and her daughter, who sate in their carriage in the porte-cochere of their hotel, all their imperials packed, and the only drawback to whose flight was the same want of motive power which kept Jos stationary.
As she spoke, the porte-cochere was opened and shut, and the old mother heard the steps of her Ginevra in the court-yard.
"I wonder which floor--?" Dallas conjectured; and moving toward the porte-cochere he put his head into the porter's lodge, and came back to say: "The fifth.
One side of the porte-cochere, being left open, allowed the passers in the street to see in the midst of the vast courtyard a flower-bed, the raised earth of which was held in place by a low privet hedge.
Antoine stationed himself at a corner of the landing whence he could see all the officials as they entered the porte-cochere; he knew every one at the ministry, and watched their behavior, observing narrowly the contrasts in their dress and appearance.
The main entrance will be redesigned to create a grand hotel arrival experience, including a porte-cochere for valet operations and a space for drop-off/pick-up activities.
These room enhancements complement recent improvements such the new porte-cochere, the new Concierge Lounge and Tr.Eat Cafe, a fun and unique cafe concept.
Located on Broadway and 61st Street, the mixed-use building has a private porte-cochere entrance on 61st Street and double height lobby.
STIRLING Alteration to porte-cochere (entrance canopy) to restore it to its original size and form at Stirling Railway Station, Goosecroft Road FK8 1PF forWSP; Change of use from retail unit (Class 1) to restaurant and fast food takeaway (Class 3) at 33-35 Burghmuir Road FK7 7PB for Pepes.