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n. pl. por·ti·coes or por·ti·cos
A porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leading to the entrance of a building.

[Italian, from Latin porticus, from porta, gate; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

por′ti·coed′ adj.
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Adj.1.porticoed - marked by columniation having free columns in porticoes either at both ends or at both sides of a structure
apteral - having columns at one or both ends but not along the sides
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From here, stairs lead up, or down to the ground floor which flows into the main porticoed entrance on the north, and onto a terrace on the south where a summer house has been made into a cafe.
A new porticoed doorway eventually will serve as the principal entry for the school.
The echo of the Sheldonian is surely not coincidental, given the proximity of the Wren Chapel, the Baroque, porticoed facade of which forms the centrepiece of the college's main quadrangle called Front Court.