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 (pôr′tə-bĕl′ō) or por·ta·bel·la (-bĕl′ə) or por·to·bel·la (-bĕl′ə)
n. pl. por·to·bel·los or por·ta·bel·las
A mature, dark-brown form of the common cultivated mushroom (Agaricus bisporus).

[Origin unknown.]


n, pl -los
(Plants) a large flat-capped edible mushroom
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The Company operates four state-of-the-art production facilities in Ontario and a distribution center in Quebec, where it produces, packages, and distributes varieties of fresh white, mini bella, portobella, and exotic mushrooms for the retail and food service end markets.
Made by Sabichi, the Portobella set is on sale for PS20 from very.
For the first course, customers can choose between a Grilled Romaine Salad, Portobella Crostini, and She Crab Soup.
Ben Segni is founder of Newcastlebased design studio Portobella Rain
Yvonne opted for olive bread bruschetta of slow roasted garlic Portobella mushrooms and I chose the chilled salad of Feta, pine nuts, broad beans and beetroot with a Seville orange dressing and celery salt croutes.
98, middle: Colours Portobella lace floral cushion, pounds 11.
So, following the simple theme, I opted for an 8oz ribeye (pounds 11) with a side order of grilled Portobella mushrooms (pounds 2.
La linea de 12 pulgadas, que generalmente se vende por $7,40 y $8, presenta 8 sahores, entre los que se incluye Classic Supreme, Southwest Style Chicken, Roasted Portobella Mushrooms & Spinach, e Italian Style Pepperoni en paquetes de 616 gr.