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, portocaval
a. portacava, rel. a la vena porta y la vena cava inferior.
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More recent reports have outlined successful use of other techniques such as MRI guidance, which necessitates an open MRI scanner with co-located hybrid fluoroscopy (11) and use of intravascular ultrasound (mainly described in direct portocaval shunts rather than from the hepatic vein) (12).
Medical and nutricional treatment in a patient with hepatic encephalopathy of posible portocaval origen.
Should portocaval shunt be reconsidered in the treatment of intractable ascites in cirrhosis?
Congenital extrahepatic portocaval shunts The Abernethy malformation.
6,7) Secondary epidural varicosis may be due to the different types of inferior vena cava anomalies (hypoplasia, aplasia), obstruction of this vein (pregnancy or thrombosis), portocaval hypertension, compressive lesions in the spinal cord and herniated disc itself.
immitis granulomas in humans have included the bladder and a portocaval shunt.
He was very adept at portocaval shunts, although we knew little about hepatic encephalopathy at that time.
Recipient's hepatectomy was performed, and a temporary end-to-side portocaval shunt was established.
Glutamine myo-inositol and organic brain osmolytes after portocaval anastomosis in the rat: implications for ammonia-induced brain edema.