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, portocaval
a. portacava, rel. a la vena porta y la vena cava inferior.
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Congenital extrahepatic portocaval shunts--The Abernethy Malformation.
In contrast to the esophageal varices associated with portocaval collaterals, bleeding complications are rare [4-7].
The ingestion of HP can exert deleterious effects via different mechanisms, including (a) the direct cytotoxic action on the gastric mucosa possibly leading to erosions and perforations; (b) the increase of the intragastric volume and pressure determined by the high amounts of [O.sub.2] derived by its hydrolysis; and (c) the absorption of [O.sub.2] bubbles through the gastroduodenal wall and its passage into the portal system where it can determine portal hypertension; moreover, the gas bubbles can migrate from the liver sinusoids or preexisting portocaval shunts into the inferior vena thus reducing the venous return [24, 25].
Davenport, "Congenital extrahepatic portocaval shunts--the Abernethy malformation," Journal of Pediatric Surgery, vol.
More recent reports have outlined successful use of other techniques such as MRI guidance, which necessitates an open MRI scanner with co-located hybrid fluoroscopy (11) and use of intravascular ultrasound (mainly described in direct portocaval shunts rather than from the hepatic vein) (12).
Dev et al [3] have described that a tongue like process with attenuation of hepatic tissue was seen arising from caudate lobe of liver -papillary process, which extended into portocaval area and more towards left, anterior to abdominal aorta measuring approximately 4.6 x 1.2 cm in size, and called it a rare anatomical variant of liver.
Medical and nutricional treatment in a patient with hepatic encephalopathy of posible portocaval origen.
(6,7) Secondary epidural varicosis may be due to the different types of inferior vena cava anomalies (hypoplasia, aplasia), obstruction of this vein (pregnancy or thrombosis), portocaval hypertension, compressive lesions in the spinal cord and herniated disc itself.
immitis granulomas in humans have included the bladder and a portocaval shunt.
He was very adept at portocaval shunts, although we knew little about hepatic encephalopathy at that time.
Glutamine myo-inositol and organic brain osmolytes after portocaval anastomosis in the rat: implications for ammonia-induced brain edema.
Cirrhotic dogs that underwent portocaval shunting or common bile duct ligation had decreased hepatic blood flow correlated with decreased galactose clearance [17].