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pose 1

v. posed, pos·ing, pos·es
1. To set forth in words for consideration; propound: pose a question. See Synonyms at propose.
2. To present or constitute: a crisis that posed a threat to the country's stability.
3. To place (a model, for example) in a specific position.
1. To assume or hold a particular position or posture, as in sitting for a portrait.
2. To represent oneself falsely; pretend to be other than what one is: conmen posing as police officers.
a. A bodily attitude or position, such as one assumed for an artist or a photographer. See Synonyms at posture.
b. In yoga, an asana.
2. A studied or artificial manner or attitude, often assumed in an attempt to impress or deceive others. See Synonyms at affectation.

[Middle English posen, to place, from Old French poser, from Vulgar Latin *pausāre, from Late Latin pausāre, to rest, from Latin pausa, pause; see pause.]

pos′a·ble adj.

pose 2

tr.v. posed, pos·ing, pos·es Archaic
To puzzle, confuse, or baffle.

[Short for appose, to examine closely (from Middle English apposen, alteration of opposen; see oppose) and from French poser, to assume (obsolete) (from Old French; see pose1).]
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Adj.1.posed - arranged for pictorial purposes
unposed - not arranged for pictorial purposes; "unposed photographs"
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adj photogestellt
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References in classic literature ?
She could have posed as a model for the self-respecting working girl of the best type.
Duterte posed with Didal during the awarding of incentives to Filipino medalists at the recently concluded 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.
The Suddenly Susan star, who posed for Calvin Klein to sell jeans when she was just 15 years old, confessed her insecurity as she posed in adverts for Swimsuits For All with former Spice Girl Mel B.
They also ignore the existential threat posed by jihadists to Americans who have not already been murdered for "Allah." The authors instead focus on whether Islamic terrorism--which they irresponsibly refer to as "terrorism," with no mention of the motive behind it--will put America out of existence, and they assure us that it will not.
The reality star will not only compete with her sisters Kim and Kourtney, who have posed naked recently in various magazines, but she will also compete with her namesake.
The 24-year-old singer has posed in seven different outfits on seven different front covers of Complex magazine's February/March 2013 issue, the Sun reported.
She said: "A couple of weeks ago I posed in a swimming costume, and I guess they weren't happy with it.
The diversity and the complexity of the problems are indicators of the quality of the problems posed.
The missions together posed a significant challenge to the 834th as the general cargo could not be within the Net Explosive Weight arc zone.
In fact, the overwhelming majority of failed states have posed no security threat to the United States.
I myself posed some weeks ago as it is such a good cause.