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adj. posh·er, posh·est
1. Fashionable or luxurious: a posh hotel.
2. Typical of the upper class, especially in the United Kingdom: a posh upbringing.
3. Affectedly imitating characteristics of the upper class; pretentious: a posh accent.

[Probably from earlier slang posh, halfpenny, money, dandy, from Romani (dialect of England) posh-hórri, halfpenny : posh, half (from Sanskrit pārśvam, region of the ribs, flank, side, from parśuḥ, rib) + hórra, hórri, penny.]

posh′ly adv.
posh′ness n.
Word History: "Oh yes, Mater, we had a posh time of it down there." This sentence, found in a 1918 issue of the British satirical magazine Punch, contains one of the first known occurrences of the word posh. A popular theory holds that posh is an acronym of the words Port Out, Starboard Home denoting the cooler side of ships traveling from England to India and back again in the 1800s. Cabins on the cooler side of the ship were more expensive, and POSH was supposedly stamped on the tickets of first-class passengers traveling on that side of ships owned by the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Although this theory of the origin of posh has caught the public's etymological fancy, no known evidence supports it. Instead, the likely source of the word is the 19th-century British slang word posh meaning "money," specifically "a halfpenny, cash of small value." (In British slang of the period, posh could also mean "a dandy"—a sense that also suggests a possible connection with the later posh, "fashionable or luxurious.") Posh meaning "money" (and perhaps also ultimately the posh meaning "a dandy," too) is of Romani origin, like a number of other English slang words such as nark ("an informer"), pal, and shiv. Posh originated as a shortening of a Romani word meaning "halfpenny" that is recorded, for example, as posh-hórri in a 19th-century glossary of words from the variety of Romani used by the Romani people of England. Posh in this compound word means "half," while hórri is a form of hórra, "penny." The Romani people descend from peoples who originally lived in South Asia but migrated westward, probably after around ad 1000, and the Romani language is descended from Sanskrit just like many of the modern languages spoken in South Asia, such as Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. English Romani posh, "half," descends from the Sanskrit word pārśam, meaning "side." In this way, the word posh does in fact have a distant connection to India.
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in a posh manner
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adjpiekfein (inf), → vornehm; talkvornehm
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It can effortlessly run the full gamut of culinary demands -- it can be dressed up poshly as dauphinoise, or be unpretentious and stripped down just in its jacket.
It can effortlessly run the full gamut of culinary demands - it can be dressed up poshly as dauphinoise, or be unpretentious and stripped down just in its jacket.
They were giant fish goujons - or less poshly, fish fingers - huge, flaky and finger-burningly hot.
Most recently, Nightingale served as SVP, head of sales at Poshly. Prior to that he ran the digital business unit at Arcade Marketing, as their VP, Interactive Group.
The central kitchen is efficiently compact but poshly outfitted with commercial-style, stainless-steel appliances, and the oversized dining area has aluminum-trimmed glass doors that lead to a cantilevered balcony with an over-the-rooftops ocean view.
Since he is unemployed, the 19-year-old Johnson confessed that he poshly utilized money from loans and PS15,000 (P 938,000) in benefits to pay for his stringent procedures, including cheek fillers, eyebrow lift, chin fillers, lip fillers, dental veneers and frequent tanning injections.
Since 2014, People has been the exclusive publishing partner with Poshly, a premier data and insights platform with a mission to build personalization technologies that connect beauty brands with beauty consumers in innovative, data-driven ways.
While over at Cambridge, it's not with ease One learns college 'Caius' is poshly called 'Keys'!
World renowned celebrity magazine People has come up with a unique method of gathering customer data by partnering with reputable consumer data company Poshly. People.com will to gain access to information via a survey whereby users are required to answer a series of lifestyle/beauty-themed and demographic questions and win gift hampers.
Rather than try to guess, People.com is partnering with consumer data company Poshly to launch a new channel that goes straight to the source.
Have I Got N For You BBC1, 9.30pm Star guest toni is the Tory toff Jacob Rees-Mogg MP who despite speaking poshly and not having a mobile phone is bang up to dateif the year was He's joined by fellow guest star Kevin Bridges and the host is Jo Brand.
I'll also always be thrilled I got to spend an hour on the phone to Alexander Armstrong, the actor, comedian and presenter who grew up in Rothbury, but talks rather poshly. I'm coming to terms with the fact that my STUPID DIGITAL RECORDER didn't tape a second of it, and trying to cherish the memories.