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Adj.1.positionable - capable of being positioned
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The freely positionable wash bowls (available in oval or round designs starting in May 2019) feature a ceramic drain cap.
A new and improved paper clip having first and second ends, said first end including first and second internested loops positionable on opposed sides of said paper, said second end including third and fourth internested loops positionable on opposed sides of said paper, whereby said first or second end of said paper clip facilitates a conventional use thereof....
Green screen film techniques, the ready availability of photo-editing software, gaming engines, and virtual reality offer the means of interacting with giant women or cyborgs, and first-person computer games involving interactions in which digitally pliable, positionable virtual representations (avatars) of pornstarts have existed for more than a decade.
When flaps are deployed--electric, continuously positionable Fowler types--only minor trim adjustment (or none) is necessary.
It employs an anechoic chamber with two test antennas that are positionable in a [THETA]-plane and a turntable for UE placement that is turnable in the [PHI]-plane, as depicted in Figure 2.
Freely positionable suction stations in the conveyor system generate powerful streams of air that free the strands from adhering water.
Purpose Built/Aviation Grade/ Infinitely Positionable
Freely positionable along the entire stroke length, the Festo intermediate position module, DADM, brings new flexibility and efficiency to pneumatic guided slides, rodless cylinders and 'self-built' drives.
It will feature an array of innovations, including the latest energy and material-efficient packing machines and technologies, such as more flexibly positionable gripper arms that eliminate labor-intensive processes.
The user interface is incredibly simple and refined with a wireless remote control with warm air dryer, carbon deodorizer settings and dual stainless steel positionable nozzles with wide spray.
A custom heat-formed Kydex sheath with a positionable Tek-Lok is included.

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