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Noun1.positive degree - the primary form of an adjective or adverb; denotes a quality without qualification, comparison, or relation to increase or diminution
adjective - a word that expresses an attribute of something
adverb - a word that modifies something other than a noun
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stopień równy
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The doctor's friend was in the positive degree of hoarseness, puffiness, red-facedness, all-fours, tobacco, dirt, and brandy; the doctor in the comparative--hoarser, puffier, more red-faced, more all-fourey, tobaccoer, dirtier, and brandier.
They use the positive degree. They seem frigid and phlegmatic to those who have been spiced with the frantic passion and violent coloring of inferior but popular writers.
Moreover, firms maintained a positive degree of business confidence at the end of the second quarter, amid expectations of increased market share.
(i) If [[mu].sub.1] = + then positive degree of u in [mathematical expression not reproducible] and the negative degree of [mathematical expression not reproducible].
This equation has a unique solution of strictly positive degree, furthermore, if we note by a this solution then [[alpha]] = [A/C] (see [8].
In this approach the basic theme was like the time step approach but the basic difference was that in this approach the accumulated temperature (Positive Degree Days) above zero are taken into consideration which are most important in terms of producing the snowmelt runoff.
The integral fuzzy information studied in this paper has three fuzzy characteristics: fuzzy positive class (sample points' positive degree of membership are more than negative one), fuzzy negative class (sample points' negative degree of membership are more than positive one) and center class (sample points' positive degree of membership and negative one are equal).
However we will prove that configurations with positive degree are not necessarily effective as the two examples in Figure 1(a) show.
These are open and un-decomposable linkages either zero degree of mobility in the case of passive groups or positive degree of mobility in the case of active modular groups.
One way of looking for a possible cause of the breakup is to examine variations in the regional positive degree days.
My desire will be satisfied to some positive degree if my welfare is negative, and satisfied to some negative degree if my welfare is positive.
a) Adj/Adv-COMP than Adjs.POS (syndetic construction, where the standard of comparison is in the positive degree): hullem kui hull [bad-COMP than bad.POS] 'very very bad', cf.