positive reinforcer

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Noun1.positive reinforcer - a reinforcing stimulus that serves to increase the likelihood of the response that produces it
reinforcer, reinforcing stimulus, reinforcement - (psychology) a stimulus that strengthens or weakens the behavior that produced it
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A positive reinforcer is something the person wants e.g.
The musical toy was demonstrated to be a positive reinforcer for Yaffa's head up behavior in that her head up behavior occurred more frequently when the musical toy was delivered as a consequence (B phase M = 18.20) compared to when it was not (A phase M = 7.0).
The mother has tried to use the feeder as a positive reinforcer, saying that the subject will only get the feeder if she eats her food.
As soon as the dog understands what "Come" means, the cue itself becomes a positive reinforcer because of its consistent association with a high-value reward.
The study shows that different alleles or mutant forms of the gene, known as gilgamesh (gish), are required for short-term memory formation in Drosophila olfactory associative learning - learning that links a specific odor with a negative or positive reinforcer.
The consequence of the behavior, the moving mobile, has come to function as a positive reinforcing stimulus, also called a positive reinforcer, for the generation of an operant behavioral repertoire (right leg movement).
Cognitive picture rehearsal always includes drawings or pictures of three components: antecedents to a problem behavior, the targeted desired behavior, and a positive reinforcer. Through repeated practice of the picture scenes, children with ASD are taught to identify stressful events and learn to use coping strategies.
The important idea for teachers is that a reward or positive reinforcer is something delivered to students when they demonstrate desired target behavior that increases the future occurrence of the target behavior.
The authors concluded that the presentation of the positive reinforcer abolished the CMO-R or value of task removal as a reinforcer and abated the class of responses that had produced that reinforcer in the past.
Thus, says Wolfgang, a positive reinforcer may be defined by the behavior followed by a consequence that increases over time.
Another positive reinforcer is to let your child help you buy his/her first racquet.