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Adj.1.positively charged - having a positive charge; "protons are positive"
charged - of a particle or body or system; having a net amount of positive or negative electric charge; "charged particles"; "a charged battery"
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The prototype tyre is called the Energy Harvester and inside it is two layers of rubber each covered by an electrode, along with a negatively charged film that interfaces with a positively charged film.
ELECTROCOMPONENTS P 650 640 630 3 Jul 626.60 620 610 27 Jun 28 Jun 1Jul 2Jul 3 Jul Electrocomponents has carried its current momentum into a positively charged new financial year, not least in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
ECOFAST Pure is added to the cotton dyeing process as a pre-treatment, which converts natural, negatively charged cotton fabric to a positively charged fabric, known as cationic cotton.
The molecules, or the long-winded official name guanidinium-functionalized polycarbonates, are positively charged polymers that bind to the negative charge of the microbial membranes of certain bacteria cells.
Saliba improved performance by adding positively charged ions to the known perovskites.
In the plating process, the diamond particles behave similarly to positively charged metal ions and together with the coating material they co-deposit onto the component..
Twelve out of the 41 positively charged molecules they tried got in; zero neutral or negatively charged molecules did.
The researchers attached three different biomolecules --one positively charged, one negatively charged and the other with no charge--to the surfaces of gold nanoparticles.
The researchers attached three different biomolecules--one positively charged, one negatively charged and the other with no charge--to the surfaces of gold nanoparticles.
Miller Jones said: "We've known for a long time that jets contain electrons, but haven't got an overall negative charge, so there must be something positively charged in them too."
When you comb your hair, the object that loses electrons (your hair) becomes more positively charged, and the object that gains electrons (the comb) becomes more negatively charged.